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Multiplex Three Book Set


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The first three Multiplex books collect the first 338 strips (from July 2005 through March 2009):

Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show collects strips #1–102 from the archives plus another 30+ pages of new material, character bios, guest strips, PLUS an EXCLUSIVE 12-page Prequel story found only in the print edition!

Multiplex: There and Back Again collects strips #103–216, plus over 20 bonus comics!

Multiplex: The Revenge collects strips #217–338, plus over 30 bonus comics — including all-new stories set on opening nights of The Dark Knight and Zack Snyder's Watchmen!

(For the Artist's Editions, you get THREE book sketches — one in each book. Please specify which character[s] you'd like drawn in which books.)